Applied Structural Geology



Modelling structural evolution


 kinematic model

A kinematic approach

Structures - including faults and fractures, folds and shear zones - play an important role in the formation and preservation of natural resources, including oil and gas, mineral deposits and geothermal energy.

Internally consistent and geometrically valid geological framework models, combined with an understanding and quantification of how and when structures and geometries evolved with respect to the evolution of the petroleum or mineral system, are fundamental in optimising efforts and minimising risk in both exploration and resource development. More...

Providing geometrically valid and geologically sound framework models and optimising their use by incorporating the 4th dimension: Time


Why 4DGeo

Armelle Kloppenburg has over 14 years experience in delivering innovative structural geology solutions to the petroleum and mineral exploration and mining sectors, using kinematic techniques and tools that apply balancing principles and comprise algorithms that mimic rock deformation through time. She  has worked in extensional, contractional, and strike-slip settings, throughout sedimentary, metamorphic, igneous and salt-rich terrains, globally. More...



Modelling fault geometry, linkage and kinematics for porphyry systems


Kloppenburg et al., 2010.

Structural Setting and Synplutonic Fault Kinematics of a Cordilleran Cu-Au-Mo Porphyry Mineralization System, Bingham Mining District, Utah
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